Mammal Sounds is an independent record label, management & publicity agency which was founded by Eora/Sydney-based music connoisseur Jez Ryan, who is also the founding editor of Australian music news network Acid Stag.

Over the last 12 years Jez Ryan has gained a unique perspective on the music industry by working on projects across all its multi-layered facets including; artist management & career development, publicity & marketing, online-media & journalism, record label management & artist relations, release strategies & planning, content curation and creative content development, just to name a few. 

He’s had the privilege of working with a variety of established artists in helping them maximise their exposure to a worldwide audience and furthering their artistic careers. He also has a strong focus on helping upcoming artists establish their presence within the global music scene, facilitating audience growth and laying the foundations for long-term artist development. 

Mammal Sounds offers a wide-range of music promotion services to help artists of all sizes, which you can delve into below. 



PUBLICITY (contact above)
Our publicity services are designed to maximise exposure and reach on new music releases. Each campaign incudes release plan & basic marketing schedule, press release, premiere pitching, mail-outs, follow-ups, release updates and a release report.

Press Releases are a very important asset for single/album campaigns. It is the easiest and best way to tell the story behind the new release while also providing all relevant streaming and social media links.

Artist Biographies are designed to promote the artist project itself and are ideal for website and social media pages. They are also an important asset to have on-hand when talking to labels, publishers &/or booking agents.

If you’re in need of some direction or guidance on your next project, your artist development or the music industry in general, you can book a One-on-One video call with us to discuss.

We also have a distribution service that is available to everyone. We distribute to over 100 streaming platforms across the globe and we have an excellent customer service team.   

LABEL DEMOS (contact above)
We are always open to considering new music for our label roster, so feel free to send us demos for any unreleased songs/albums that you feel would be a good fit for our roster.