1tbsp is a side-project by Australian Grammy Award Nominated artist Maxwell Byrne (aka Golden Vessel), which has a sound that can be likened to a mix between Four Tet, Daphni and DJ Koze.

Over the last few months, Maxwell has been very busy working on a bunch of new 1tbsp material and is planning to give us another two (or three if we’re lucky) eps this year. Just a few weeks ago he gave us the first taste of what we can expect from those with his latest single ‘Pioneer Digital Plastic Sound’, and he’s backing that up this week with ‘No Nein’ which was co-written by and features one of his good friends Mietze Conte; an anonymous project hailing from the Austrian Alps…

Maxwell launched his 1tbsp project in 2021 giving us a debut four-track ep titled “kanashī” which he followed up on that same year with two double singles, “Dhollandia // Circles” & “Stay Up // Rest”. He also started expanding his DJ performances into playing festivals and events, while also supporting the likes of Young Franco, BAYNK and daste. on their Australian tours.

Throughout 2022 Maxwell gave us a collection of new 1tbsp singles which saw him collaborating with the likes of Nick Ward, Allan McConnell (of Close Counters), Squidgenini and Sampology, resulting in an impeccable four-track ep titled “Joan” which was released in December.



Songwriting & Production by Maxwell Byrne & Mietze Conte
Mixing by Doug Wright
Mastering by Ryan Schwabe
Press Photos by Lili Cotter
Artwork by Paula Grenouille