Earlier this year 44 Ardent made promise that he’d be giving us a lot of music this year and so far, he’s already given us three exceptional singles with ‘far gone’, ‘hold the world in your hands’ and ‘bones (sinking like stones)’.

44 Ardent has another new single for us this week called double shot flat white which is another impeccable slice of his experimental sound & style. He’s been enjoying the freedom that the current music landscape provides as he continues to explore a variety of diverse electronic genres.

He reveals below that this song has been inspired by heavier dance music like the new Skrillex albums and it also comes with a cute little AI generated ode to everyone’s favourite morning companion.  

“I have been listening to a lot of heavier dance music, particularly the new Skrillex records, and sat down to write something with a bit more punch. Coffee is an essential part of making dance music at 7am, so when it came time to record lyrics the song became an ode to my favourite caffeinated beverage. Here is a poem about double shot flat whites written by a computer, which I think perfectly encapsulates my thoughts, enjoy!” ~ 44 Ardent

In the morn when dawn does break,
Quiet world from slumber wake,
There’s a song my soul ignites,
A love for double shot flat whites.

A velvet tapestry of milky hue,
Upon the lips, each sip is new,
Steamy dance of cream and brew,
Double shot flat white, I pursue.

Through sleepy silence of the morn,
Through long days when hope is worn,
Your comfort constant, never forlorn,
In double shot flat white, love is reborn.

‘double shot flat whiteis available everywhere now via Mammal Sounds Records.


Artist Connect:

Production by 44 Ardent
Mixing & Mastering by Callan Alexander
Artwork by 44 Ardent