44 Ardent – ‘FADING 22’

‘FADING 22’ is the impressively mesmerising debut single from 44 Ardent, the new side-project of an Australian producer who wishes to remain nameless for the time-being, and it’s also the next release for Mammal Sounds Records.

The inspiration for this track comes from the dark and powerful sounds of nature. It’s designed to be more of a sonic journey, with a heavy influence coming from the fading away of natural environments, and how many young people feel so powerless in response.

“Remote rainforests in the dead of night. Thunder echoing over a valley as lightning flashes overhead. Waves crashing onto jagged rocks in a storm. These are the things that have inspired ‘FADING 22” – 44 Ardent

‘FADING 22’ is available everywhere now via Mammal Sounds Records.

Artist Connect:
https://soundcloud.com/44ardent | https://www.facebook.com/44ardent

Production, Mixing & Mastering by 44 Ardent


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