Over the last few months 44 Ardent has given us a few invigorating singles – 95overflow, nomoreheat, intothedeep – while also making promise of his debut ep coming our way soon.

He is making good on that promise this week with a very generous seven-track collection of chilled/atmospheric lo-fi house music titled “intothedeep”. As he reveals below the ep was inspired by his own overwhelming feelings on climate change and habitat loss, with an overall objective of creating music that makes people feel something.

“I initially wrote this EP in response to my feelings about climate change and habitat loss. I was feeling a little bit overwhelmed and channelled my energy into writing. As I kept writing, as usually tends to happen, the songs end up taking on lives of their own. There are seven songs now when there were only supposed to be four, and they cover a mixture of emotions and genres.  

Making music that makes me (and hopefully others) feel something is always the main priority. Although I had a theme in the back of my mind while I was working, I tried not to be too confined to any one idea.

This EP was intended to take the listener on a journey. It’s hard to pin down genre-wise. There are lots of styles and moods mixed in. It’s definitely electronic music at its core though, and I like that there is so much variety. As an artist I don’t necessarily feel that I have to fall into a particular box. Ultimately, I’m going to make songs that I resonate with. I think if you do that, then others will resonate with it too. I hope you enjoy them!” – 44 Ardent

“intothedeep” is available everywhere now via Mammal Sounds Records.


Artist Connect:

Production by 44 Ardent
Mixing & Mastering by Callan Alexander
Artwork by 44 Ardent

Artwork (right click to download):