Benji Lewis – ‘Away’ (remixed by TWO LANES & SPIRIX)

Just recently we were treated to the bright & summery sounds of ‘Away’ by Los Angeles-based singer/songwriter Benji Lewis, and this week he returns with two very special remixes of that song courtesy of German brothers TWO LANES and US producer SPIRIX.

From TWO LANES; “We made this remix while being on the road. It’s always refreshing to make music in a new environment because music affects you differently if you’re not at home. We love the colour of Benji’s voice and had a lot of fun making our own version of the song.

From SPIRIX; “While creating this remix I was in an extremely energetic state of mind. I had been listening to dance & house music heavily for the last few months and wanted to create a vibrant hit that you could dance to with this remix so I tried to completely flip the original.”

From Benji Lewis; “I’ve always had the thought to have some of my songs remixed, but it hadn’t felt like the right time or song to do it for until Away. I wanted to have these remixes range from dance to the harder edm kind of sounds and scene. And I’m excited to say that we got that with these two.”

The original version of ‘Away’ saw Benji Lewis team up with long-time collaborator Golden Vessel whilst away in the US for his debut appearance at SXSW in 2018, and amongst the chaos and madness he was able to use the song-writing process to help himself with some reflective development, in the efforts to achieve a healthy balance within his own life.

With a cohesive blend of intricate percussion and warmth in the pads transferring an upbeat and joyful nature into the soundscape, we see the solid foundations set for Benji Lewis to showcase the various shades of colour within his vocal range that truly heighten ‘Away’ into the highest of standards.


Artist Connect:

Benji Lewis



Production & Mixing by Golden Vessel
Mastering by John Greenham
Artwork by Alexy Prefontaine (Aeforia)
Press Photos by Chris Weigen and Jake Bugella


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