Benji Lewis – Here, Then And Now (EP)

After a huge year of releasing music throughout 2019, Los Angeles-based/Australian artist Benji Lewis is excited to kick-off the new year with his fourth ep, “Here,Then And Now”, which offers up a stunning five-track collection of his warm, summery, electro/pop sound.

This ep shares stories about love, fresh starts, moving on from past circumstances, feeling better about yourself and where you’re going…

“This ep is a little different from my earlier material, but it’s what I found myself naturally creating and wanting to make at the time. It’s more pop and R&B inspired with some upbeat vibes and a lot more guitar. The stories are very personal as always and give plenty of insight to how I’ve been feeling over the last year or so. I hope these songs lift you up and bring some warmth to your days.” – Benji Lewis

Benji teamed up with Los Angeles producer Kid Froopy for a few sessions in early 2019 which he found both comfortable and rewarding, and he realised pretty early-on that Kid Froopy was the right choice for the project…

“I knew early on when we started working together that Sam (Kid Froopy) was the right choice for this ep. I felt I was able to create quite freely with him from the start. I felt very comfortable and didn’t hold anything back when it came to trying new vocal ideas as we wrote, or stories that may have been heavy or too personal for other environments.” – Benji Lewis

Previous singles have included ‘Fast Forward’, ‘Hold On’ and the more recent ‘New Day’, but the ep also has two previously unheard songs, ‘’No Alibi’ and ‘Promise’.

From Benji on ‘No Alibi’; “This song is about not owing anyone any kind of explanation for anything you do or say. Especially those from your past that may not have treated you right. This song is about strength and doing you. You don’t answer to anyone.

There was some influence on this one from Ariana Grande, Jess Glynne, Blake Rose, Jeremy Zucker and LAUV. I was in a space where I was enjoying music that lifted you up, made you feel strong and also made you want to move and dance.”

From Benji on ‘Promise’; “So this song kind of had me honing-in on my own past experiences with a certain lover in particular who wasn’t so good to me or for me. It also had me feeling like I was not only speaking out for myself but others who had gone or are going through similar, including someone very close to me. It’s definitely very personal. And like in a few of my other songs I sing about really wanting to be there for myself and for all those people who need to hear that I see what you’re going through and what they did to you wasn’t right. It’s going to be ok. You’re going to be ok. I promise.”


Artist Connect:

Production by Kid Froopy
Mixing by Tristan Hoogland
Mastering by John Greenham
Artwork by Alexy Prefontaine (Aeforia)
Press Photos by Sean Pyke, Lizzie Steimer & Chris Weigen
Music Video by Chris Weigen


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