Briskey – ‘Mesmerising’

Rising Australian artist Briskey is coming back to us this week with his next single Mesmerising’, and it is sure to capture your full attention.

In late 2019 Briskey gave us an outstanding debut single called ‘Nothing To Lose’ which received much praise and attention from music curators and fans across the globe. He then came back to us in April 2020 with his next single ‘Don’t Want To Talk About It’, raising the bar yet again and leaving many in awe at his flawlessly catchy sound & style.

With that single Briskey also teased that he was working on his debut ep and said that we could expect that sometime very soon, but before we get to that he has one more single to share with us and trust me, you’re going to want some alone time with this one. 

As Briskey explains below, this is one of those songs that came together quite naturally, it’s a song about finding a sense of purpose and accomplishment, and also acts as a reminder to never give up on what you truly want or need.

“This song came together pretty quickly and easily. I was in a writing session with my producer (JP Fung) and he asked me what the dream style of song that I would love to make, and from there we just began writing. A few days later I visited my best friends place out in the sticks where we hashed out the chorus and melodies for the rest of the song. We then finished it off in Plutonium Studios after a few revisions.  

The essence of the song is about a drive for a sense of purpose and trying to find that sense of accomplishment that came so easily when I was a child. Finding the road to that kind of state of mind is often challenging but it also reminds me not to give up.” – Briskey

‘Mesmerising’ is available everywhere now including Spotify & Apple Music and stay tuned for Briskey’s debut ep which will be coming your way very soon.


Artist Connect:

Production & Mixing by Jean-Paul Fung
Engineering by Aidan Hogg
Mastering by Randy Merrill
Artwork & Press Photos by James Hornsby


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