Briskey – Nothing To Lose (EP)

Over the last few months Australian artist Briskey has burst onto the scene with a tidy collection of catchy alt/dance-pop singles – Nothing To Lose, Don’t Want To Talk About It & Mesmerising – and easily winning over a legion of fans along way.

He’s been building us all up for the release of his debut ep which is called “Nothing To Lose”, and this week we get to hear this glorious five-track collection from start to finish.

As Briskey delves into the making of the ep below we learn that this ep was his first attempt at producing music himself before teaming up with renowned Australian engineer JP Fung, Briskey’s influences for the overall sound & vibe of the ep, as well as his own experiences with loneliness, emotions & ambitions.

“The EP was written in partly in my bedroom after attempting to produce music solely for myself, which I had never properly attempted before then. I then took some of the songs to the Producer JP Fung where we took those initial demos and developed them into the songs they are now.  

The initial idea was to make music that felt like me, and push the limits of my song-writing capability. It was inspired by pop powerhouses like Calvin Harris with his song Slide, The Weeknd & Daft Punk with their song ‘I Feel It Coming’, while also looking to other amazing artists like Troye Sivan in his album Bloom.

It then took on a life of its own, bringing in more of a dance/pop feel with JP’s influence of amazing pop writing & producing. Thematically the EP explores discussions of my own relationship with loneliness, emotions & ambition.” – Briskey

As mentioned above the “Nothing To Lose EP” features the previously released singles, Nothing To Lose, Don’t Want To Talk About It & Mesmerising, alongside two other previously unheard gems, ‘Mystery’ and ‘I Will Be Here’, on which Briskey says…

“I Will Be Here is a song about that nervous & exciting feeling you get at the start of a relationship. It follows what can go through my mind when opening up to someone you haven’t opened up to before. All told within a synth pop frame & octave guitar solo.” – Briskey

“Nothing To Lose EP” is available everywhere now including Spotify & Apple Music, thanks to Gyrostream.


Artist Connect:

Production & Mixing by Jean-Paul Fung
Engineering by Aidan Hogg
Mastering by Randy Merrill
Artwork & Press Photos by James Hornsby


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