In recent months, Australian songwriter and producer cln (now also known as 44 Ardent) has treated us to several outstanding singles including ‘Monday Morning,’ ‘ihopeoufindsomeone,’ and ‘rainonmyparade’, and this week, he is enriching that collection with the indie/alternative-pop vibes of his latest single, ‘Carousel.’

Drawing inspiration from his recent immersion in 80s music, Callan Alexander has been captivated by the meticulous craftsmanship evident in compositions from that era. Artists like Depeche Mode and Phil Collins, introduced to him by his father, have left a lasting impression.

‘Carousel’ reflects this influence, with Callan continuously exploring innovative ways to blend styles and genres, crafting a distinct sound that resonates deeply with him. His aspiration remains consistent: to infuse each song with the same level of intricacy and detail he admires in his musical inspirations.

“I’ve been listening to a lot of 80’s music lately, and have been blown away by the attention to detail in some of the songs. My Dad used to play a lot of synth-heavy songs along the lines of Depeche Mode and Phil Collins, and I’ve been revisiting them regularly over the last few years. The mixing and sound design in those songs is absolutely brilliant. So many great synths, the iconic gated drums and excellent songwriting.

As I listen to these songs, I’ve been thinking about the recent discussions brought to light by James Blake: In a nutshell, he suggested that it’s hard for artists to dedicate time to creating quality music, when music has become something that essentially has to be given away for free. In the records from that era, you can really hear how much time, money and effort went into making albums. They are a joy to listen to. I strive to get to that level of detail in my songs. It is difficult, as budget constraints essentially mean that I do all the music bits myself: mix/master/produce/record and sing. I’ll keep trying my best though, and always aim to put out a finished product that I’m proud of.” ~ cln

‘Carousel’ is available everywhere now.



Written, Produced, Mixed & Mastered by Callan Alexander
Press Photos & Artwork by Callan Alexander