cln – ‘IN VAIN’

cln is an Australian artist who makes beautifully chilled electronic / alt-R&B music that has been likened to a mix between James Blake, Caribou and Bon Iver.

Just recently he treated us to the sweet sounds of ‘REVELRY’ which also came with promise that he’d have more new music to share with us very soon, and this October he’s making good on that promise with the wonderfully sweet sounds of new single ‘IN VAIN’. 

“Most of the time when I write lyrics, I’m not referring to a particular story or experience of my own. My writing process usually revolves around capturing a general feeling or emotion and then building a song to reflect that.

I didn’t really go into this song trying to write something sad, but I guess that this song probably takes inspiration from the general state of the planet. I feel like a lot of people are hurting, and that the last few years have been difficult for most. Sometimes you just need a loved one or a family member to tell you that things are going to be okay.” – cln


Artist Connect:

Production, Mixing & Mastering by Callan Alexander
Press Photos by Callan Alexander
Artwork by Cleo Daley


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