cln is a project by Australian songwriter/producer Callan Alexander (aka 44 Ardent) who makes a unique blend of alternative-R&B music with indie-pop influence, which has a sound that can be likened to a mix between Joji, James Blake and Sampha.

Back in October, Callan excitedly shared news of an upcoming cln album. He has since unveiled two captivating singles, ‘Monday Morning’ and ‘ihopeyoufindsomeone’, with both releases receiving widespread acclaim from music enthusiasts and curators worldwide. 

This week marks the unveiling of the album’s third lead single, ‘rainonmyparade.’ This beautifully crafted alternative-R&B track was inspired by a chance encounter with the phrase “rain on my parade” during a conversation. Callan shares his creative process, revealing that the song was born out of a desire to incorporate this intriguing expression into his lyrics. The idea of someone actively seeking to have their parade rained on captivated him, adding a unique and somewhat damp twist to the song’s narrative.

This song was mostly made because I wanted to use ‘rain on my parade’ as a lyric. I heard the expression being used in conversation a while back and straight away thought: “oh that would be pretty good in a song” and here we are. For some reason the idea of someone specifically asking for their parade to be rained on appealed to me during the writing process, so I guess this parade is a bit damp.

The original demo was about 20bpm slower and purely acoustic, recorded on my iphone as a voice note. I sped it right up and then slowly added all the other elements over the course of a few months + re-recorded the vocals. I might release the first idea at some point too, but it will need some tidying up first.” ~ cln

‘rainonmyparade’ is available everywhere now.



Written, Produced, Mixed & Mastered by Callan Alexander
Press Photos & Artwork by Callan Alexander