cln is an artist from Brisbane, Australia, who makes beautifully chilled electronic/alt-R&B music that can been likened to a mix between James Blake, Bon Iver and Mac DeMarco.

Throughout 2021 cln gave us three exceptional singles REVELRY, IN VAIN & REDEEMED. He then kicked off 2022 with a stunning cover of The KidLAROI and Justin Bieber song ‘STAY’, while also making promise of more new music coming our way soon.

This week cln is making good on that promise with his latest single ‘Undone’ which features the golden vocal sounds of Melbourne artist Holly Hebe, and it’s also just the first taste of his second full-length album which is scheduled for release later in the year.

“Undone is the first single from my sophomore album, and it also represents quite a bit of a sonic shift for me. The album is stacked with features, which is quite a contrast to Dawn Chorus which only had one. I can’t quite pin down the genre, it’s a bit of a mixed bag but in hindsight I think it has much more of an indie feel to my previous work. Electronic music is always at the core of what I do, but for this album I leaned more towards vintage synth sounds and drew inspiration from totally different places to my previous works.

This song started with the drums and the piano that you can hear most clearly in the verses. That piano sound was actually played a couple octaves higher, and then I added some heavy reverb and compression and then bounced the audio and pitched it down. It kind of gives it an underwater sound which I really like. I did a super rough chorus vocal (which had a tonne of background noise) and did up a quick demo which I then sent to Holly.

Holly is an exceptional Australian artist and songwriter. I sent her the rough demo and she quickly sent me back the two verses with all the backing vocals already perfectly tracked and comped. Then I re-built all the production around her verse, and that was pretty much it. I tried to re-do my chorus a few times but couldn’t get anything that sounded as good as the original take. So, the vocal that you hear in the chorus is just the original dodgy demo vocal, I just tidied it up a tonne when I mixed the song. You can still hear some of the background noise if you listen closely, but I kind of like it that way.” – cln

‘Undone’ is available everywhere now and we can expect more music from cln over the coming months as he plants the seeds of anticipation for his upcoming album.



Holly Hebe:

Production, Mixing & Mastering by Callan Alexander
Press Photos by Callan Alexander
Artwork by Cleo Daley