cln – ‘Waiting For You’

Off the back of his successful 2017 releases; ‘Switch Gears’, ‘The Oher Side’ (via Kitsune) and ‘Breathe’ (via NEST/OWSLA), Australian artist cln returns this week with the announcement of his upcoming debut album, while also sharing its very first single.

‘Waiting For You’ is an exciting glimpse at what we can expect from cln’s debut album. As he continues to explore the outer reaches of his song-writing & vocal abilities, cln has delivered another engaging electronic treat that is chilled, day-dreamy, and so very easy to get lost in.

“I was in a musical rut for a little while – making music that wasn’t exciting or challenging. I realised that I was trying way too hard to fit into a certain sound or genre. I decided to go into an experimentation phase and began making music without a particular direction in mind. I mostly just tried to make cool sounds and textures. This song was one of the first to come out of that experimentation period.” – cln

Production has always been the main focus on each of cln’s releases, while simply seeing his voice as another “tool” that he can use to help create a song. While this trend has been continued in the creation of his debut album, we’ll also see a few guest vocal appearances from the likes of Spritely, ACES and Car Fox (aka ex-Porsches).

“‘Waiting For You’ doesn’t sound much like anything I’ve made before, and I’m quite happy about that. This song features my own voice, as will many songs on the album. Production will always be my primary focus, I don’t necessarily want to pigeonhole myself into singing on every track so I will keep working with vocalists fairly regularly.” – cln

‘Waiting For You’ is available everywhere now including Spotify & Apple Music, via AWAL distribution.

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