Names: Callum MacDonald, Tyler Harden, Braxton Tahi
Location: Gold Coast, Australia
Genre: Electronic, Lo-Fi, Indie-Electro
Influences: Tora, LEISURE, Two Another, Jungle

daste. are a trio from the Gold Coast Australia who make catchy indie-pop music with smooth R&B/soul influences, crafting a sound that can be likened to a mix between LEISURE, Tora, Two Another and Jungle. 

High School friends Braxton and Tyler met Callum during a “Popular Music” degree that they were all doing at Griffith University. They quickly developed a connection thorough similar tastes in music, and after performing together with a local band called ANNY for a few months, they started playing around with a few ideas amongst themselves and this inevitably led to the formation of their own band, daste.

In late 2018 Callum, Tyler & Braxton finished recording their first daste-single “Thinkin Of” which they signed to Mammal Sounds Records. The reception to that first release exceeded all expectations and gave Callum, Tyler & Braxton the added reassurance that they were indeed on the right path.

In 2019 daste. gave us their debut ep “Palette” (via Mammal Sounds Records) which featured their singles “Thinkin’ of”, “Myself” and “SOBER” and has since collected over 14 million streams on Spotify alone.

Shortly after that ep was released, daste. started hitting the live music scene, they played a few sold-out shows in Gold Coast and Brisbane, which then led to them being invited to support the likes of Lastlings, First Beige, Boo Seeka, Buttered, Felivand, Yb., Mickey Kojack and Midnight Pool Party. They were also one of 16 artists selected by Triple J’s Dave Ruby Howe to perform at Sydney’s Electronic Music Conference (EMC) in December 2019, and have since played a few other festivals/events such as Mountain Goat Crawl (2020), Burleigh Ball (2023) and Springtime (2023).

Off the back of the “Palette” ep’s success, Jez Ryan from Mammal Sounds Records was overjoyed by the talent the trio possessed and excited by what opportunities could lay ahead. He approached the brand with the proposition of moving them off the Label roster and onto his Management roster so that they could work together on a much deeper level, and help with the overall development and growth of the project, not just on their releases.

In early 2020, daste. gave us their second ep “Same As It Ever Was” which was met with much praise and appreciation from music curators, industry peers and fans across the globe, and has accumulated over 32 million streams on Spotify alone. 

While 2020’s COVID restrictions made it hard for Callum, Tyler & Braxton to meet up for writing sessions, they didn’t let that stop them making music. They put a strategy in place to start writing & working on new ideas individually, and then they got together for a few hours every week, over video calls, to flesh-out those ideas as a collective. 

As those ideas started coming together the guys realised, they had a substantial collection of great new songs in the works and decided it made sense for them to focus on a full-length album.

Between November 2020 and September 2021 daste. gave us six new singles — either way, somebody like you, here with me (feat. DVNA), expectations (feat. Akurei), holding on to you (feat. Uhkirra) & changes — all in anticipation of their debut album “dusk&dawn” which was released in October 2021 and has already collected over 29 million streams on Spotify alone.  

Throughout 2022 daste. were busy working on a bunch of new music. They gave us the first taste of that in December with new single ‘butterfly (so free)’, which also came with a Dom Gould directed music video and a five-date Australian tour. 

With a quick jump back to 2021, daste. received a nominated for the Gold Coast Music Awards (GCMA) in the “Breakout Artist of the Year” category and jumping back to 2023 their music video for “butterfly (so free)” received a nomination for the “Best Music Video of the Year” category, and while they didn’t win either it was still a great achievement to have been in the running though!

By March 2023 daste. had achieved one of their long-term goals of reaching 1 million monthly listeners on Spotify – fast forward to March 2024 and they have almost double that number, currently sitting on 2.5 million monthly listeners, which are continuing to grow everyday…

Over the last few months daste. have been back in the studio working on their next album which is almost complete, and we can expect to be hearing quite a bit from them over the coming months…


AUS/EU/UK – [email protected]
USA – [email protected]


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