After teasing us over the past few months with feature releases ‘Thinkin Of’, ’SOBER’ and ‘Myself’, Australian electro-funk trio daste bring forth their highly anticipated debut EP ‘Palette’ that features 5 beautifully polished tracks, including two previously unheard lo-fi delights.

With the project forming just over a year ago, the culmination of their debut EP began in the early stages of the project whereby daste took a step back to redesign and manipulate their sound into the cohesive blend of electronic and lo-fi influences that we’ve come to know and love.

“Following the release of ‘Thinkin’ Of’, the inevitable question of “what’s next” became the catalyst for the writing of ‘Palette’. With only one song behind our name we decided as a group the next best step would be to focus on our writing and production to create something truly special. As we worked and created demo after demo, we realised that it was impossible for us to approach each track with the same ingredients and recipe without becoming tired of ourselves.”

In particular, what stands out in the ‘Palette’ EP is a uniqueness that stems from several attempts of trial and error, ensuring the best possible combination of depth defying instrumentation and playful melodies was tried and tested before landing on the final product that allowed for the grooving nature to live throughout each individual offering.

“It became freeing to the group to stop narrowing our sound into one category and try every idea until we were happy. The lyrics followed suit as we drew on themes that highlighted our opinions of the music industry and our own approach. Realising the unique quality of each track, the concept of the EP was born – A palate of tracks, each with its own flavour to create the EP.”

The title-track of the EP ‘Palette’ encompasses an infectious groove through its lo-fi lounge styling that oozes copious amounts of swagger in its composition.  

“One day I was writing on my girlfriend’s piano and came across a really interesting progression using diminished chords whilst generally mucking around. We felt that even though we had four very strong tracks, the EP needed something more so I showed him the progression thinking it stretched our sound too far, however as we started working on it we realised it was the perfect title track that culminated the whole EP.”  

‘Palette’ is available everywhere now via Mammal Sounds Records.


Artist Connect:

Production & Writing by daste.
Mastering by Tabrill
Artwork & Press Photos by Tayla Brunt