Eli is a new project from Melbourne artist/producer Luca Pascucci who is making a unique blend of alternative-dance music with energetic-club and hyper-pop/punk influences, which can be likened to a mix between Skin On Skin, Bladee, and Nia Archives.

Luca has just finished working on a five-track ep which is scheduled for release in August, and this week he is giving us the first taste of what we can expect from that with the invigorating sounds of new single ‘Opening/Track ID’, which is in-fact the opening track on the ep, but it was also the last song he wrote for it…

“This first song was the last one I wrote and produced. I made this one quite quickly over just a couple sessions while sitting on a friends couch in their apartment overlooking the shops and busy streets. I had been listening to Scan’s “Bees” on repeat for days and felt like I wanted to make something like that; high energy, rhythmically chaotic with a sense of ‘politely, fuck you’, and as I wrote the lyrics it became clear this was not going to be a typically written track; less ‘verse, chorus, verse’ and more of a continuous train of thought, almost as if it was freestyled. 

I wanted this track to open the ep as well as showcase the beginning of this project because I feel it very quickly represents what Eli is about. Energetic electronica, more modern club-inspired production, and self-reflective lyricism. The lyrics represent the way I feel about making music and what it means to me—the doubtfulness of creating and the feeling of being out of your depth.” ~ Eli

‘Opening/Track ID’ is available everywhere now via Mammal Sounds Records, and Melbourne fans can catch Eli performing live at MISCELLANIA on June 14th (get your tickets here) alongside Merdeze, DJ Lux, Chaotiic Good, Jungist, and Primary Thug.


Artist Connect:

Written & Produced by Luca Pascucci (aka Eli)
Mixing & Mastering by Trae Tuohy
Artwork by Eli & MJ Kim
Photos by MJ Kim & Alex Fredricksson