Emerson Leif x Golden Vessel – ‘Hesitate’

Brisbane artist Emerson Leif has enlisted the creative mind of good friend Golden Vessel for his debut single ‘Hesitate’, which poses some of life’s most important questions.

Years ago, ‘Hesitate’ began as a 30-second sample of Leif’s voice, and always had this sense of possibility attached to it.

“I had loaded all these effects on it until the vocal sounded more like an organ. The sample always felt like it had possibilities, and I knew there was a song there every time I listened to it,” Leif said.

Golden Vessel and Emerson Leif have been friends for years, and Leif has also worked on a few of Golden Vessel’s tracks in the past (‘Control’ & ‘Tell The-Girl’), so it just felt right for the two to connect and work Leif’s debut release.

“Max (Golden Vessel) and I have been writing music together for a long time, and so it made sense to work on the track with him. I love the unique sounds that Max brings to production and we both had a similar vision for the song,” he said.

At the time ‘Hesitate’ was written, Leif’s life was picturesque, yet the emptiness he felt and had always wrestled with, plagued him.

“I found myself feeling very alone and without purpose. I could not accept that we just exist: eat, sleep, work, repeat. We are sold a kind of ‘happiness’ like it’s something we can work towards but what’s on offer is fleeting, if at all,” he said.

This particular track was the beginning of a journey for Leif as he began to explore life’s greatest philosophies, most notably the idea of God.

“I had many questions about life but the greatest question was one of God. Or better yet, one for God. “Are you there?” Honestly, religion just felt so tired and insular. I wanted something tangible. I wanted to find truth. The idea of searching is perhaps most terrifying, because what if one finds nothing,” he said.

As you tune into the lyrics of this beauty, let the rhythms hypnotise you into a meditation of open mindedness.

“Hesitate came about from these old vocals and acoustic guitar loops that Caleb had recorded years ago. We dug those up and sampled them, and built ‘Hesitate’ around them. This is one of my favourite songs that I’ve ever made and it’s kind of just been sitting on my laptop for over a year. I can’t tell you how happy I am to finally get it out.” – Golden Vessel

‘Hesitate’ is available everywhere now including Spotify & Apple Music, and stay tuned for more new tunes from both of these fine artists throughout 2018.

Emerson Leif:
https://www.facebook.com/emersonleif | https://soundcloud.com/emerson-leif

Golden Vessel:
https://soundcloud.com/golden-vessel | https://www.facebook.com/goldenvesselau
https://twitter.com/goldenvesselau | https://instagram.com/goldenvessel

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