Over the last few months Australian artist Golden Vessel has been building the anticipation for his upcoming third studio album, “everythingeverydayeverything”, with a handful of singles including ‘eee’ which featured Rei So La & Abraham Tilbury, ‘pockets full of rocks’ featuring Mallrat & Emerson Leif, ‘spinning’ which saw him going solo on the vocals and the most recent ‘so far’ featuring the wonderful FELIVAND.

“everythingeverydayeverything” is a generous 11-track collection of Golden Vessel’s unique alternative-pop sound & style. It features collaborations with the likes of The Nicholas, Mallrat, Emerson Leif, FELIVAND, Japanese Wallpaper, Nick Ward, E^ST, Instupendo, Akurei, Abraham Tilbury, Rei So La, Lonelyspeck and Fear Gorta and has been mixed by George Nicholas who is known for his role in Australian project Seekae.

“I started everythingeverydayeverything (eee) at the start of 2020, and at that time I had started to question a lot of things in my life. I was raised Christian and I regularly attended church, but during that time I’d started this long and difficult process of rethinking what I’d been taught and what I believed. It took about a year for me to go through that process and at the same time I was working on this music, so it really bled into what I was writing about. Some songs are directly about this while others touch on other ways I was exploring life & spirituality at the time.

‘so far’ is about becoming more still within life and trying meditation, ‘sun+tide’ is about replacing prayer with simple everyday tasks (like doing the laundry) and ‘spinning’ is about realising that maybe not everything has a reason and we’re a lot smaller in the span of the universe than we sometimes feel. ’eee’ was written while I was road-tripping in America and was finding more examples of God within nature than the bible/church and ‘trash (in each & every way)’ is about the really restless feeling of being half in & half out of faith.

Rethinking all this stuff is a really complex process and is quite an emotional time. Rewiring your motivations in life and leaving a community you grew up in is disorientating, and so I hope with this album anyone else going through something similar will know that they’re not alone.  

It’s been really nice to step out into life more and to have this album as a memento for that time.” – Golden Vessel

The album is available everywhere now via sumoclic and it also comes with news of an Australian mini tour that will see him playing shows in Brisbane, Melbourne & Sydney, with a little help from Brisbane newcomer Yb. on main support in each city.


Tour Dates:
Friday, August 5th – The Brightside, Brisbane
Friday, August 12th – Northcote Social Club, Melbourne
Saturday, August 13th – Mary’s Underground, Sydney



Mixing by George Nicholas
Mastering by Ryan Schwabe
Artwork by James Caswell, Maxwell Byrne, Visaya Hoffie
Press Photos by James Caswell

The Nicholas, Mallrat, Emerson Leif, Felivand, Japanese Wallpaper, Nick Ward, E^ST, Instupendo, Akurei, Abraham Tilbruy, Rei So La, Lonelyspeck, Fear Gorta