In recent months, Australian musicians Headaches (also known as E^ST) and Golden Vessel (also known as 1tbsp) have treated us to a delightful assortment of singles, including ‘Make it Somehow’, ‘Happy Days in Happy Weather’, ‘I Inhabit My Life (And It Feels So Good)’, and ‘The Song Of You’. They’ve also tantalized us with the promise of an upcoming collaborative album titled “Making Friends with The Space Around Me,” set to drop soon.

While the album is slated for release in May, they have one final single to share with us beforehand. Entitled ‘Be My Own Man’, this song is a powerful anthem of self-empowerment, encouraging listeners to bravely face whatever challenges come their way.

“Be My Own Man is a coming-of-age song of sorts. It’s about deciding to share more of yourself, even if it’s scary.” ~ Headaches

‘Be My Own Man’ is available everywhere now and their album “Making Friends with The Space Around Me” is set for release on May 23rd (presave here)



Golden Vessel:

Co-Writing by Maxwell Byrne & Melissa Bester
Mixing by George Nicholas
Mastering by Ryan Schwabe