Over the last few months, Australian musicians Headaches (also known as E^ST) and Golden Vessel (also known as 1tbsp) have treated us to a delightful assortment of singles; ‘Make it Somehow’, ‘Happy Days in Happy Weather’, ‘I Inhabit My Life (And It Feels So Good)’, ‘The Song Of You’ and ‘Be My Own Man’).  

Those releases also came with the promise of a collaborative album that they have been working on together titled “Making Friends with The Space Around Me”, which is now set for release on May 23rd, and it is promising to be a refreshing compilation of distinctive indie-pop music infused with captivating alternative dance elements.

“I had gone on a bit of a hiatus from writing and creating, and actually wondered if I would ever release music again. But Max (Golden Vessel) helped to create an expressive and safe environment for us to just explore ideas together, with no pressure on there being a particular outcome.

This album has underlying themes of letting go of control, being vulnerable and learning how to embrace your life. Being present in your body and environment, being honest with yourself and others, and trusting that things will work out how they need to. We tried to be honest in our lyricism and musicality, not overthinking the process and just letting things flow how they needed to.” ~ Headaches



Golden Vessel:

Co-Written by Maxwell Byrne & Melissa Bester
Additional writing credits by Nick Ward, Matthias Oldofredi & Rutger van Woudenberg
Mixing by George Nicholas
Mastering by Ryan Schwabe
Artwork by Leo Horton & Fred Horton
Photos by James Caswell