Back in November, Australian artist Melisa Bester, aka E^ST, announced she was launching a new project alias Headaches and was also working on an album titled “Making Friends with The Space Around Me”, with her good friend Maxwell Byrne, aka Golden Vessel (aka 1tbsp).

Since then they have given us three exceptional singles with ‘Make it Somehow’, ‘Happy Days in Happy Weather’ and ‘I Inhabit My Life (And It Feels So Good)’, which have all been met with much praise and attention from music fans and curators across the globe. 

This week, they’re giving us another taste of that album with the beautifully chilled indie-pop sounds of new single ‘The Song of You’, which is also the opening track to the album, setting the scene just perfectly for the invigorating journey that follows.

“The Song Of You is about the transformative, healing power of love. It celebrates tenderness and the beauty of creating safety for each other.” ~ Headaches



Golden Vessel:

Co-Writing by Maxwell Byrne & Melissa Bester
Mixing by George Nicholas
Mastering by Ryan Schwabe