Brooklyn-based artists Houis and WEI have teamed up with Australian artist JVLY for a new collaborative single called ‘haze’ which is sure to make an impression with its delicate pulsing beats, intricate production and daydreamy vocal melodies.

We asked Gabriel (Houis), William (WEI) and Kayle (JVLY) to give us some insight into the story behind this song and how it all came to be, and as they all reveal below it was a very natural and enjoyable songwriting process.

Houis; “I was introduced to William, through a mutual a little while ago and was instantly drawn to his kindness, organic/neo-soul production style, and guitar abilities (the dude shreds). Not too long after, we became fast friends and hit the studio to write the instrumental for “haze”, which will actually be my first in-person collab that I’m releasing!

After wrapping up the instrumental, we were super excited to pitch it to Kayle, who’s been on my bucket list of artists to work with for ages, and he absolutely smashed the vocals. I feel so happy with this one, and I can without a doubt say that it was the most fun collab/songwriting experience I’ve had.”

WEI; I met Gabe at a lofi festival close to our homes in Brooklyn, and immediately hit it off, finding him to be an intelligent, talented and super sweet guy. As we both had influences in electronic Soul, it became time for our forces to combine. We sought out a local studio space and quickly, intuitively built the instrumental for ‘haze’. 

After adding our touches, he introduced me to Kayle’s tunes – I realized I had heard him in the wild beforehand. Then we were off to the races once Kayle started singing and sharing his lucious artistry with us! I’m excited for everyone to hear the special joint we three made, and hope they’ll be able to find new details and surprises upon each listen!

JVLY; “Gabe and I had been talking about working together for a while and when this idea came along it definitely felt like the right fit. I love all the little details in Gabe and WIll’s production. I was really drawn to the dreamy and delicate sounds, but it had a drive to it at the same time. I started writing the first thing that came to mind while it was still raw, which is pretty much what you hear now. I wanted to try to capture the feeling of the moment right between being asleep and awake, fresh out of a dream that you weren’t really ready to leave yet.”

‘haze’ is available everywhere now!





Houis – pronounced “weece”
WEI – pronounced “way”
JVLY – pronounced “July”

Co-Written/Produced by Houis, WEI & JVLY
Mixing by Houis & WEI
Mastering by Ryan Schwabe