Josef Scott is an Auckland-bred/Boston-based musician who is making a unique blend of Alternative-pop/Indie-soul music that can be likened to a mix between Parcels, Men I Trust and Jungle.

Over the last few months, Josef has given us two exceptional singles with ‘Summer Dopamine’ and ‘All My Love’, which is actually just the tip of the ice-berg in terms of how much music he has in-store for us this year.

This April he is giving us another little taste of what he’s been working on with the smooth yet invigorating sounds of new single ‘Nine To Five’, which he says is all about the addictiveness of the “chase” in a one-sided relationship, and of course influenced by his own romantic history…

“My latest single, ‘Nine To Five’ is a smooth vibe that tells the tale of a one sided relationship – where one is working hard to keep the feeling alive, the other plays games or shows little interest. Influenced by my own history with love, this song came to life just days after finishing my song ‘Summer Dopamine’. I was deep into a new phase of writing and a formula was taking shape. ‘Nine To Five’ was a response to this positive momentum. My aim was to capture that feeling of trying to play it cool but also being addicted to the chase.” ~ Josef Scott

‘Nine To Five’ is available everywhere now!


Artist Connect:

Written & Produced by Josef Scott
Mixed by Steven Melville
Mastered by William Bowden
Artwork by Josef Scott
Press Photos by Ben Weingart