Auckland-bred artist Josef Scott unveils his latest single, ‘Summer Dopamine’, a captivating anthem that invites listeners to relive the magic of summertime. 

Josef has an ability to craft songs that transcend borders and connect with people on a visceral level. ‘Summer Dopamine’ is a testament to that fact with its infectious soulful rhythms and catchy hooks, making it a universal soundtrack for those seeking an escape to the warmth of summer.

Summer dopamine was born out of my first winter in Boston. Come April I’d almost forgotten what it was like to feel warm outside, and as I found myself here for the foreseeable future I began reminiscing on my fondest memories from the homeland, New Zealand. I wanted to create a song that encapsulates the euphoria we feel for summer and fleeting romances that come and go.The cover art is an image I took on my way back to my apartment. Winter was coming to an end with spring just around the corner. I could feel a source of light and warmth casting above my head, as I looked up, I could see the sun beginning to pour against the top of the building with sea gulls airborne as the wind was keeping them afloat. The anticipation for summer kicked in.

My aim for this next chapter of music was to explore and find a new sound that I resonated with that also continued the momentum from my Sophomore EP” ~ Josef Scott

‘Summer Dopamine’ is available everywhere now!


Artist Connect:

Written & Produced by Josef Scott
Mixed by Steven Melville
Mastered by William Bowden
Artwork by Josef Scott
Press Photos by Ben Weingart