Name: Kayle Butler
Location: Newcastle, Australia
Style: Electronic, R&B/Soul, LoFi-Pop
Influences: Charlotte Day Wilson, Galimatias, Tom Misch, Rhye, Omar Apollo 

Kayle Butler is an Australian artist who makes smooth-R&B/Soul music under the alias JVLY, which has a sound that can be likened to a mix between Charlotte Day Wilson, Galimatias and Rhye.

In 2018 Kayle released his debut ep “Ache” which helped solidify his name within the global music scene and paved the way for the next phase of his career. Later that year he teamed up with Mammal Sounds Records for the release of two stand-alone singles, ‘Blue Pill’ and ‘milk&honey’, and soon after began working on his next ep, “inside weather”.

Before the year was out he gave us that ep’s first single ‘tacenda’, which was met with much praise & attention from curators and fans across the globe. Over the following months he gave us three more lead-singles as he continued the anticipation build for the ep’s release in June 2020 – that ep has since collected over 5.6 million streams on Spotify alone.

In 2020 Kayle partnered with fellow Australian artist edapollo for an exceptional single titled ‘windless’, and also teamed up with Gold Coast trio daste. for a remix of his 2019 single ‘tacenda’ (which has since collected over 2.6 million streams). 

Throughout 2021 Kayle made the most of the lockdowns by exploring a variety of different sounds, song-writing styles and production techniques. In November 2022 he gave us a taste of what he had been working on with new single ‘swim’, which was released via Majestic Casual Records. As we rolled into 2023 Kayle partnered with Believe Music for their renowned distribution services and then gave us four new singles with ‘ambien’, ‘tacit’, ‘here’, and ‘haze’ which was a collaborative release with American producers Houis and WEI.

Kayle is back in the studio working on his next round of releases which he will start sharing with us very soon…


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