JVLY – ‘Ache EP’

With two singles leading the charge for this debut ep, it’s no wonder Newcastle producer JVLY has found his stride.

The ‘Ache EP’ is a 20-minute transformative experience that takes you on a sonic journey of electronic beats and sweet jazz inspired melodies.

Visuals are integral to JVLY’s writing process and in fact, this whole EP was created with one vision in mind which brought together its cohesiveness and energy.

“I made all of these songs with the thought of a visual in mind. If you’ve got a good idea of what a song might look like if it was translated to a screen, then it kind of becomes easier to steer it where you’re trying to go,” JVLY said.

Normally JVLY works alone but featuring the vocals of both Chester and SARAI opened his eyes up to the possibilities of collaboration.

“It’s weird because the whole project was probably like 75% complete before I even started working with anyone. The songs were written but they needed something. Sarai and Chester were the first two people I ever actually properly collaborated with. I’m used to putting things together alone, so having them involved and realising how aligned both of their inputs were with my vision was really interesting,” JVLY said.

SARAI brings such a sensual warmth and familiarity to the tracks ‘Stone’, ‘Drowning’ and ‘Void’, as her effortless vocals elevate the productions and vision.

Teaming up with Chester Watson on ‘Namek’ contrastingly shows their psych-electronica, and is definitely a track with its own vibe.

‘Ache EP’ is available everywhere now including Spotify & Apple Music.

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