JVLY – ‘ambien’

JVLY (pronounced “July”) is a project from Australian singer/songwriter/producer Kayle Butler, who makes chilled electro-R&B/Soul music that can be likened to a mix between Tom Misch, Charlotte Day Wilson and Omar Apollo.

Over the last few months Kayle has been busy working on a collection of new music which he’ll be sharing with us throughout 2023.

Back in December he gave us the first taste of those with a new single called ‘swim’ which was released via Majestic Casual Records, and he’s excited to be kicking-off the new year with his latest offering, a beautifully soulful indie-dance treat called ‘ambien’.

“When I make things, I don’t think I’m ever really hyper-conscious of the intention. I just tend to play or write whatever comes to mind and feels good to me, so it’s sometimes hard to recount what it was that was driving it or inspiring it.

‘ambien’ however came along one day when I was just trying to get these chords and this bass groove down, and I couldn’t get the “I’m up all night” melody line out of my head when I was playing it. Usually when that happens, I just keep at it, and so far, I think I have only completely finished the songs I have put out into the world, I don’t really finish my ideas if at a certain point I don’t think they’ll ever get to a place where they’ll be worth it. That’s probably not so smart either but I can’t do it if I’m not excited about it.

Anyway, that line kind of leaked out and it lent itself to the idea of someone’s presence being like a sedative in a way, and the insomnia that comes without it.” ~ JVLY

Stream: https://bfan.link/jvly-ambien

Artist Connect:

Written & Produced by Kayle Butler
Mixing & Mastering by Jack Prest
Press Photos by Bruno Stefani
Artwork by Kayle Butler


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