JVLY – inside weather (ep)

Over the last few months Australian artist JVLY has given us a collection of exceptional singles – ‘tacenda’, ‘me&her’, ‘monsoon’ & ‘aporia’ – while also making promise of a new ep coming our way very soon, and lucky for us “soon” is now!

That ep is titled “inside weather” and alongside its lead-singles are three previously unheard gems ‘moonpond’, ‘potplants’ and the ep’s focus track ‘ghostbones’.

Each song on ‘inside weather’ tells one part of a bigger story. As JVLY explains below he spent some time making sure each part worked together with a seamless flow, and he hopes that everyone will get the chance to listen to it from start to finish so that they really appreciate the story in its entirety…

“inside weather’ is really one central concept in the way that it follows from different parts of the same story through each of the songs, and I really wanted to make sure that it all tied together seamlessly when you play it from start to finish. I hope people get the chance to listen to it like that, it makes most sense that way.” – JVLY

If you’ve been following JVLY over the last few months then I’m sure you are quite excited to continue the journey with him as he reveals the final chapters in his latest adventure. From the sweet sounds of the opening track ‘moonpond’ to the cute uplifting sounds of ‘potplant’ and then wrapping it all up with the closing track ‘ghostbones’, on which JVLY says is the perfect amalgamation of each of the story’s chapters coming together… 

“ghostbones’ feels like the perfect outro for this project. There’s a kind of central theme that runs through every song and this one feels like what it all amalgamates to. It feels final, like the end of the chapter I guess.” – JVLY

JVLY makes this chilled electro/R&B/soulful music that is very easy to get lost in, and fans of Still Woozy, Rhye and xxyyxx are really going to enjoy everything he has to offer.

‘inside weather’ is available everywhere now via Mammal Sounds Records.


Artist Connect:

Production by JVLY
All songs written by JVY except ‘me&her’ which was co-written by DRKTMS
Mixing & Mastering by cln
Artwork by Victoria Rosa

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