La Felix – Real Thing (ft. Becca Krueger)

Fresh off the release of ‘Drama’ (featuring KOLE), New Zealand producer La Felix goes from strength to strength with his funky new single ‘Real Thing’ which features the heavenly vocals of New York singer/songwriter Becca Krueger.

Keeping consistent with his impressive collection of lively releases, ‘Real Thing’ serves as a change of pace in the writing process for La Felix with a clear focus on simplicity and an easy listening nature, a sentiment that echoes all the way through the piece.

“Recently, I’ve really been vibing to the minimalistic approach to songs. Instead of layering elements I tried to keep it simple but interesting at the same time. Also, this allowed some space for the vocalist to do the heavy lifting which Becca did perfectly.” 

With a grooving soundscape achieved courtesy of the charismatic guitars, upbeat percussion and swagger in the bass, ‘Real Thing’ ensures a positive colour palate perfectly manipulated for Becca Krueger’s angelic vocals to depict the early days of a new relationship.

‘When I first heard the track, I immediately felt this positive energy that inspired me to write about the beginnings of falling in love. The lyrics came from a warm and happy place and the song always takes me back to those feelings. I hope it can inspire a little love in listeners!’ – Becca Krueger 

‘Real Thing’ is available everywhere now including Spotify & Apple Music, and just a few weeks ago La Felix also released a remix of ‘Fascination’ by Reggie Got Beats & Vebjon Memen via Sidekick Music. 

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Production & Mixing by La Felix
Mastering by Wired Mastering
Artwork by Freaking Super


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