Lemonade Baby is an Australian producer who makes a unique blend of indie-pop music with alternative-dance elements, which can be likened to a mix between Neil Frances, Benee and Remi Wolf.

He’s giving us a new single this week titled ‘Don’t Stop (Keep on Keepin on)’ which he says has been inspired by electronic dance music from the 2000’s, and it’s all about capturing the feel-good times with friends while having a night out in the club.

It’s also the first taste of his upcoming debut ep “XTRA POP” which he has planned for release in August.

“This song was inspired by a melody I heard in my head while at work. I quickly squatted down and recorded a voice memo and the hook just stuck. I wanted to start a mix of pop vocals with an indie-dance beat. I wanted to capture a good-time club-vibe like with this song; dancing, drinking, hanging friends n girls! 

At the moment I’m super inspired by electronic dance music from the 2000’s, artist like Daft Punk and Phoenix, and two songs I’ve been smashing are ‘just the way you are’ by Milky and ’With You Forever’ by PNAU. It’s also the first single off my first body of work “XTRA POP” that will be out latr this year!” ~ Lemonade Baby


Artist Connect:

Written, Produced & Mixed by Brannon Hughes
Mastering by Ryan Schwabe
Artwork by Brannon Hughes
Press Photos by Thomas James Isaac