Litche – Colour of You (feat. Anna)

Australian producer Litche is known for making chilled electronic/downtempo music that can be likened to a mix between Bonobo, Tycho and Four Tet.

Back in December Litche gave us a little taste of his sound and style with a song called ‘Bad Connection’ which featured Sydney hip-hop/rap artist Yibby, and he’s coming back to us this week with another stunning slice of atmospheric electronica on new single ‘Colour of You’.

This one features the golden vocal sounds of Newcastle singer/songwriter Anna, and it also comes with news of a whole new ep called “Some Songs for Someone, Somewhere” that he has planned for release in July. 

As Litche reveals below, parts of the song were recorded in a bathroom and it is about adapting to others in your life and becoming a better version of yourself.

“I started writing this track in mid 2020 which I initially built around a phone recording of me playing a Kalimba, and a vocal recording that my friend Anna did in a bathroom.

At the time of recording, we thought it would be cool to record some ad-libs and have the natural echo that a bathroom provides. I then built the track around these samples; I enjoy the process of recording lots of chords on the guitar and then re arranging them to find what suits the mood.   

Once finishing a mostly instrumental version of the track, Anna thought it would be cool to write some lyrics and sing over it which ended up taking the track to a new level.

To me, ‘Colour of You’ represents a dream where one person in a relationship is inspired to take on some of the best qualities and “colours” of the other person’s life in an attempt to grow and become a better version of themselves.” – Litche

‘Colour of You’ is available everywhere now.



Production & Mixing by Sam Litchfield
Mastering by Brendan Zacharias
Artwork by Sam Litchfield
Press Photos by Anna Millat


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