Litche – ‘Voyage’ (ft. Woodes)

It’s been almost a year since we’ve heard from Newcastle producer Litche, aka Sam Litchfield, but it has been a time for creation.

His respect for songstress Woodes was what brought him to the spotlight, with his remix of ‘Rise’ clocking plays across all platforms.

There had been a few conversations about making something original together, then back in June 2017 Litche and Woodes decided to have a go at writing together, and that’s when ‘Voyage’ started to take shape.

This is also just the first single off Litche’s upcoming debut EP, and it channels a rather dark soundscape with Woodes’ sincerity coming through her signature floaty vocals.

“Elle started to play with melodic ideas and writing down some rough lyric ideas. After about an hour Elle had worked out the vocal melody and we also recorded tonnes of atmospheric vocal bits that we layered together and messed around with. Before long we knew something special was forming,” Litche said.

The two worked seamlessly together and their creative flow is undeniable. With Woodes’ song writing continually getting stronger it becomes evident how focused and story driven this track is.

“To me, ‘Voyage’ is about a person letting the humbling and mystical aspects of nature help take them on a journey of reflection through their personal desires and wants of the past, present and future,” Litche said.

This track is a very strong indication of what the upcoming EP will feel like. Hopefully this isn’t the last collaboration we get to hear from these two fine Australian artists.

“I wrote this with Sam over a couple sessions by the beach in Sydney. I found Sam’s Music through soundcloud and was really drawn to the atmospheres & the world he creates through his production. I was keen on seeing how my voice could fit into that. 

Our first session together we had only a few pieces of gear and our laptops and a couple hours before my flight. Having a set amount of variables made us focus on what we could do with vocal manipulation as a core instrument in Voyage. We recorded a bunch of lyrical chapters which evolved and grew with the production. It began to form into a little journey. 

When I write I picture a film playing in my head. To me this song is post-dusk blue. Fires by the beach with friends on warm nights. Finding shapes in clouds. Familiar friends and new connections.” – Woodes

‘Voyage’ is available everywhere now including Spotify & Apple Music.

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