LOVER – ‘Best Side’

After the recent success of his debut single ‘Eagle To The Prey’, Australian artist Oliver Kirby, aka LOVER, returns with his next exciting release ‘Best Side’, teaming up again with Mammal Sounds Records.

‘Best Side’ was written, recorded, mixed and mastered within the walls of Kirby’s Greenvale House (which includes LOVER, Oh Boy and Tanssi), coming as a surprise while working on material for an upcoming writing trip to Los Angeles.

Produced by Tanssi, ‘Best Side’ has a bright, warm and summery atmosphere intentionally, as Kirby set himself the goal to capture a specific moment in time.

“The beat was originally titled ‘sunset’ and we wanted to capture the atmosphere of that time of day. The track came together pretty quickly and we did our best to finish it before we left for Los Angeles. We were cutting it pretty fine but somehow Tanssi managed to finish the master an hour before his flight.” – LOVER

Instrumentally ‘Best Side’ has a bittersweet feel and Kirby really wanted to contrast this with a positive story and meaningful lyrics.

“The night before writing this track we had some friends over for a few drinks and one of them got really drunk, falling over and all of the usual stuff. She felt really guilty about it and was messaging me a lot saying that she was sorry and never drinking again etc etc.

I think a lot of people have this expectation that they have to be perfect all the time. I wanted to express that a good friend accepts your mistakes. Whatever they may do, the best parts of them will outshine the less glamorous ones.” – LOVER

Kirby credits this positive philosophy to artists like Rex Orange County, who he admires immensely and draws lots of inspiration from. Best Side helped him think outside his comfort zone and continue to explore new areas of his sound.

“I like the way artists like Rex Orange County can say the most heart on your sleeve things without fear of being seen as uncool. I wanted to write like that – I’ve always found writing happy songs a challenge. It pushed me outside of my comfort zone and vocally I wanted to give off a vulnerable performance.” – LOVER

‘Best Side’ is available everywhere now via Mammal Sounds Records.


Production & Mastering by Tanssi
Artwork by Oliver Kirby


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