LOVER – It’s A Wild World (EP)

Over the last few months Australian artist LOVER has given us three exceptional singles ‘Waiting Up (feat. Cult Shotta)’, ‘Spiders (prod. by Golden Vessel)’ and just recently ‘Last Puzzle Piece’, while also making promise of his debut ep coming our way very soon – lucky for us “soon” is now!

That ep is titled “It’s A Wild World” and it is an inspiring showcase of this rising artist’s innate song writing kills and his visionary genre-bending sound & style.

As LOVER reveals below, the recording process for this ep was quite long, but he did need that time to explore the diverse range of styles, genres, sounds and ideas that you will hear within this outstanding body or work.  

“It’s A Wild World” is a title I had been playing with since late 2019, It reflects the time in my life and the diverse sounds that are on the EP. With each week going past I feel like it just became more and more relevant to the world around us as well. 

The recording process was a long one, I had tried to record a bunch of different songs, but the sound and mood just didn’t come across in a way I was happy with. I had the ideas and vocals for Waiting Up, Last Puzzle Piece and Higher Powers written but couldn’t quite get them to live the way I wanted. I had engineered the vocals to use auto tune strongly which I was enjoying experimenting with but the ‘feel’ of the music wasn’t coming through. Tanssi was a huge contributor in making the sounds and vocals of these songs come together and helped make it sound cohesive and warm. Cult Shotta brought a new voice and energy to Waiting Up which I was really excited about as well.

With all this in mind Spiders came out of nowhere later into the recording project after a song writing session with Max (Golden Vessel). It still employed the stacked vocal feel but only used auto tune as the harmonies and adlibs. I liked this approach immediately, and flew up to Brisbane very shortly afterwards to finish the track and work on new music with Max. This is where ‘Super Car Racer’ was born, which is my favourite song from the EP, and a nice combination of all the styles and influences that you here across the five tracks.  

Lyrically all the tracks have a reassuring theme, pushing the idea that even though ‘It’s A Wild World’ we’ll still make it through. I was finding myself writing more and more songs that had this positive drift and decided to lean into it. I tried not to overthink it and there’s something comforting about being able to sing ideas in their purest form. Whether the lyrics reflect things I’ve been through, other people have been through or that are fictional is open to interpretation. I like the idea of the audience to get their own meaning and experiences from songs. I hope you enjoy!” – LOVER

‘It’s A Wild World’ is available everywhere now via Mammal Sounds Records.


Artist Connect:

Co-Produced by LOVER, Tanssi, CRCL, Digong Jr, Litche & Golden Vessel
Mixing by Tanssi & Golden Vessel
Mastering by Tanssi & Matthew Agoglia
Artwork by Jayemol & Tim Doherty
Press Photos by Jayemol & Golden Vessel


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