LOVER – ‘Starving’

With his recent summer inspired single ‘Best Side’ still ringing in our ears, and his impressive debut single ‘Eagle To The Prey’ recently collecting over 500,000 streams, Australian artist LOVER (aka Oliver Kirby) now delivers the first glimpse at his upcoming debut EP with the warm sounds of ‘Starving’.

Co-produced by long-time collaborator Tanssi and Gold Coast trio daste, ‘Starving’ provides a laid-back feel from the outset with its grooving instrumentation base that delves into a R&B/lounge inspired session that is full of charisma.

“I was in Queensland for a show and I got a chance to link up with daste at their home studio. It was the first time we met so we hung out and listened to different tracks and they had a really strong instrumental idea, so we began to put down guitar and vocal riffs.

I took the idea home with me and showed Tanssi who changed up the drums and took the soundscape into an indie/R&B world. At the same time, the daste boys got their friend Andrew Hodges (of Donny Love) to record the trumpet line you hear at the end of the track and we put together the finale jam outro. It was a really fun, organic process musically.” – LOVER

‘Starving’ provides significant warmth throughout its concise duration, with copious amounts of colour splashed across the soundscape that creates the perfect podium for LOVER to depict a personal ode of the struggles he faces in following his passion.

“Lyrically I was thinking about music and the struggle in pursuing, not being able to afford groceries – the classic starving artist cliché. The lyric “I’m starving in front of friends, but they eat anyway” is meant to be a personal aphorism; that even if I’m doing all this artist stuff, my friends and family deep down don’t really care – so don’t take it too seriously and just have fun with it. I get so stressed and anxious about stuff that in the end no one really cares about, and won’t matter.– LOVER



Production by Daste and Tanssi
Mix and Mastering by Tanssi
Artwork by Lulu and Tim
Press Photos by Lulu
Video by Jaye Mol


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