Just a few weeks ago American-bred / France-based producer MarMar gave us his first release of the year with a gorgeous new single titled ‘Call On You’, and he’s already coming back to us this week with more!

He’s excited to announce he has a new ep in the works called “Feel Okay” which is being released via Seeking Blue, and today he’s giving the ep’s next preview with the beautifully delicate sounds of new single is called ‘Try’, which features the soothing voice of Australian artist LUUNG.  

“I had a moment to write one morning while spending some time away by the North Sea last August. I had family in town from the US and was up before everyone else, so I decided to go sit outside with my computer. I was looking out over the ocean and ended up writing the chords and melody there by typing them into my software. The rest of the idea took shape around that idea and then ended up making its way over to Bailey aka LUUNG over in Australia, where he wrote and recorded the vocals.” ~ MarMar
I had been a fan of Mar’s beats for a minute, when he posted some demos to his story I knew I had to jump on one of the tracks. The beat for try was really appealing to me. I’d been doing a bunch of top lining at the time, so my songwriting ability was feeling at the top of its game. I managed to write the whole track within an hour, and it hasn’t changed since. I’d  attempted to write a number of songs with similar kinds of hooks, I’m really stoked this one has stuck. It has a really heartfelt and genuine feel, but still maintains being a groovy electronic track. Try is very on brand for a lot of the songs I write, themes with equal amounts of longing and appreciation. I’m so in love with the life I live, and I guess the songs are just cries to not lose touch of that.” ~ LUUNG

Stream: https://seekingblue.foundry.ac/try



Co-Written by Mario Pedron & Bailey Jeffs
Produced by MarMar
Artwork by munro
Press Photos by Mario Pedron