Darren Morilla & Oliver Dela Cruz are the creative minds behind Australian disco/dance-house project Midnight Pool Party, which has a sound that can be likened to a mix between Dom Dolla, Fisher and Disclosure.

Midnight Pool Party have been around for a few years now, but they are still just getting warmed up. They’ve really enjoyed the process of exploring different sounds and ideas, and they’ve been making music that only resonates with them personally but is always pushing the boundaries as they continue to evolve.

MPP are excited to announce they have just partnered with Believe Music for distribution and will be giving us one more disco-house banger to close out this year.

It’s called ‘BADDIE ERA’ and it is a cheeky song about celebrating how far they’ve come, being proud of the people they’ve become, and remembering that it’s never too late to do achieve your goals!

“We’re both in our 30’s now and we’ve both been through all the trials and tribulations that life brings such as relationships, identity crisis, career road bumps, personal insecurities, creative blocks etc. You can hear all of these things in most of our early songs, back when we were more vulnerable and still figuring things out.

Fast forward to now and we are so much surer of ourselves, not just personally but also creatively.

At first listen, lyrically this song may sound a bit obnoxious, but it’s just a cheeky song celebrating how far we’ve come and that we’re damn proud of who we are as people, and that it’s never too late to kill it in life.!” – Midnight Pool Party

‘BADDIE ERA’ is available everywhere now!

Stream: https://bfan.link/baddie-era


Songwriting & Production Midnight Pool Party
Mastering by Jack Prest
Artwork, Press Photos & Promo Video by Morilla Media