Last month Australian duo Midnight Pool Party rented a little beach-side cabin up the coast for a weekend writing session. The boys came home with a tidy collection of demos that they felt very good about, and this week they are giving us the first taste of what we can expect from those with their latest single ‘ON YOUR MIND’.

This first single marks a significant return to their more classic disco inspired sound, but it does still hold some very powerful dance/house elements that are sure to get the heartbeat racing.

They reveal below that the song is about someone lingering on your mind well after a separation when you’ve already healed and moved on, and the realisation that you are way better off without them.

“We went away in March and booked a house up the coast away from the big city to write bunch of music. This track was one that came out of that writing session. We pretty much wrote the demo in half hour. It started off as a simple chord progression and a beat we put together. Ollie left me with the beat for half an hour and I wrote the song on the balcony within 20 minutes. After we fleshed it out a bit, we felt it was catchy and was a strong single.

The song is basically about lingering on someone else’s mind after a relationship has ended, but you have healed and moved past the point of questioning why it ended, and realising after everything that’s been said and done, you are better off now without that person, and that maybe this was your destiny.

I think a lot of people can relate to that journey and everyone has their moments where they can acknowledge they have finally moved on and can let go” – Midnight Pool Party

‘ON YOUR MIND’ is available everywhere now and stay tuned for more new music from Midnight Pool Party very soon!



Songwriting & Production Midnight Pool Party
Mixing by Dominic Dale
Mastering by Jack Prest
Artwork, Press Photos & Promo Video by Morilla Media