South Korean/Australian artist Munan gives us the next taste of his upcoming debut ep with new single ‘Luv Me’, which also comes with a fun RAW FIGURES directed video.

Munan has given us two singles over the last few months – “Mr. Taxi Driver” & “Once Upon A Time” – that will also be seen on his upcoming debut EP, which he has planned for release in September.

As Munan reveals below, ‘Luv Me’ was co-written with one of his good friends Sterling Silver who also co-wrote his previous songs “Freak Like Me” and “I Don’t”, and that it is a song about unrequited love and how far we go to get the attention of that special someone.

“Luv Me was written with my friend Sterling Silver (who co-wrote Freak Like Me and I Don’t) late last year. I started off with the bass and the drums and gradually stacked other elements on top of it. The song was written and produced in a way that as you listen to it, it becomes gradually brighter. I managed doing this by going from minor to major in the chorus, and I liked how it transitions to a different mood in the chorus with the added synths and the acoustic guitars.

Most of the recordings of the instruments were done in one or two takes. For instance, the acoustic guitar at the end was recorded on my phone while I was looking for ideas on how to finish the song. The demo recordings for Luv Me sounded great that I decided to use it, giving the whole song a natural feel to it. The song is about unrequited love, and how far I will go to get her attention.” ~ Munan


Artist Connect:

Co-Written by Peter Lee & Sterling Silver
Produced & Mixed by Munan
Mastering by Ohad Nissim
Artwork by Jena Lee
Press Photos & Visuals by RAW FIGURES