Diving into the captivating realm of musical expression, South Korean-Australian artist Peter Lee is excited to share “Tranquillity”, the debut ep from his Munan project.

The “Tranquillity” EP is a testament to Peter’s unwavering passion for music, stemming from his roots in the bustling heart of Seoul, South Korea, where he first started out as one half of the pop duo Chimmi. Then in 2022, Peter started his new solo project Munan with the release of his widely successful debut single, “Your Life”.

“Munan could have never happened without the support of one of my friends. I never wanted to sing or record my own vocals, lots of people even said I shouldn’t sing because I had a weird voice, but then one of my teammates gave me the confidence to sing and write my own lyrics, which ended up giving me the boost I needed to take this new project down that path”. ~ Munan

The “Tranquillity” EP is an offering from the heart with a collection of five carefully nurtured songs that encapsulate a year of musical exploration and introspection. Peter found solace recording and writing in his home studio, creating an intimate connection with listeners around the world.

“I find it quite therapeutic recording by myself, especially after years of collaborating and working with many other musicians. I’m not saying that’s a bad thing to collaborate with others, but people should try finishing a song by themselves. The challenge is fun.

I did however write some of the songs with my friends, but it wasn’t really planned. We didn’t really have a direction in mind but that spontaneity of the songs without a direction made it a lot of fun as well.”  ~ Munan

This EP embodies the simplicity of creation and the beauty of self-expression. Peter’s genuine love for recording and producing his music shines through in each composition, inviting listeners on a humble journey of sonic exploration. The therapeutic process of crafting songs became a way for Peter to connect with his inner self, resulting in a harmonious narrative that resonates with the human experience.

The term “Munan” meaning average, simple, calm, and tranquillity, perfectly encapsulates the EP’s essence. Peter Lee envisions a world where individuals, including himself, seek solace from the chaos, embracing the idea of finding contentment in a tranquil “Munan” existence.

“Tranquillity” EP introduces a captivating fusion of genres, merging elements of indie-pop and rock, with touches of alternative and psychedelic influences. The EP transcends genre boundaries, inviting a fluid flow of musical creativity.

‘Tranquillity’ is available everywhere now, and South Korean & Vietnamese fans can catch him performing live (with band) in September/October (see info below).

Stream: https://msdistro.lnk.to/Tranquillity

Upcoming Shows:
Saturday, September 23rd Casa Corona Citrus Party, Seoul, South Korea
October 15th – 20th Hanoi Monsoon Festival, Hanoi, Vietnam

Artist Connect:

Co-Written by Peter Lee & Sterling Archer , WONJUN, WJK, Atomh
Produced & Mixed by Munan
Mastering by Ohad Nissim
Artwork by Peter Lee & Snow Jung
Press Photos & Visuals by Snow Jung / RAW FIGURES