Price Park – ‘Rise’ (ft. Joe Kosky)’

Former Godwolf member Tom Armstrong is rapidly making himself known to the world as Price Park, and he returns this week the dreamy mood-driven sounds of new single ‘Rise’, which once again sees him teaming up with Melbourne singer/songwriter Joe Kosky for his smooth and stylish vocal sounds.

‘Rise’ is one of those unexpected little gems; it kind of came out of nowhere and was super easy, quick and inspiring to write.

We were in Nagambie in country Victoria on a little writing retreat – because we’re cute like that – and we smashed out 5 or 6 tunes in a few days. Rise was easily the most fluid and effortless of the lot. I had a dank beat I was keen for Joe to work with, then he pretty quickly laid down the main riffs and some chords, I built the rest of the track while he went away and wrote and recorded the vocals, and the rest is history.” – Price Park

Right from the start ‘Rise’ draws you in with its soft lulling sounds. It’s got a defiant presence and a hypnotic beat that easily gets you hooked while Joe Kosky’s smooth comforting vocal sounds carry you off into a world full of daydreaming electronica.

“This is easily one of the most effortless and inspired tracks we’ve worked on together. The vocals and lyrics were really a logical extension of the mood we’d created with the arrangement. It can feel cliché or ‘tacky’ sometimes to write songs based in defiance, but at this point in time in both of our lives and careers – and of course given the global political climate – it feels poignant – it feels important. I think it’ll resonate fairly well since we’re all living through this strange period of history together.

On a personal level I think the song came from an intersection in my life, where one road would lead to perpetual destructive habits, and the other to some sense of redemption. Still not quite sure which one I’ve walked down to be honest.” – Joe Kosky


Price Park

Joe Kosky:

Production by Tom Armstrong
Co-Production, Mixing & Mastering by Cam Bluff
Co-written by Joe Kosky
Artwork was done by Bailey Zindel


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