uomo – ‘All I Hear’

All I Hear’ is the latest single from an Australian newcomer Pietro Filippone, who is making music under the name uomo, and even though he has a few releases under his belt by now, ‘All I Hear’ was in-fact the first song he ever wrote for the project…

“‘All I Hear’ was the first track that I wrote for the uomo project. It inspired me to get the ball rolling on a new project, which I had been considering for months but never found the courage to do. After writing this song, I realised how passionate I felt about it and knew that I wanted to pursue.” – uomo

Fans of Elderbrook and Hayden James will easily fall in love with uomo as we’re treated to the warm electro-dance/indie-house sounds of ‘All I hear’, and like most great songs it is centered around the emotional turmoil that goes hand-in-hand with a new relationship…

“It tells the story of beginning a relationship and finding how quickly your personality changes and becomes a reflection of the person you’re falling in love with. It deals with themes of self-doubt and second guessing, the negative thoughts your brain makes up and over coming vulnerability.” – uomo

To help bring this song to life Pietro teamed up with Matt & JP from Bottleneck Studios in Adelaide to work on a music video for the release. He also managed to coax one of his good friends into doing some choreography and Pietro was over the moon with the result…

“I had several Ideas of what I wanted to do with the film clip, but the hard part was trying to make something that was symbolic, artistic and most importantly within budget. Keeping this in mind, I tried to hustle as many favours and free things as I could create a relevant storyline.

I managed to convince my work to let me use their wine cellar to shoot the video, along with their projector and PA system. I designed a simple geometric pattern that was relevant to the story and I roped in a friend of mine, Luke, who does interpretive dance and allowed him to choreograph something for the clip. 

I worked with Matt & JP from Bottleneck Studios in Adelaide who directed, shot and edited the film clip and I was blown away with how good a job they did. 

The metaphor is that the black and white is the juxtaposition of thoughts and feelings, and Luke was my conscience fighting to keep everything under control. As the track goes on there’s a moment of realisation and colours begin to show. The epiphany shows that the colours that seemed black and white before actually have a spectrum to them, but it can take time to see it.” – uomo

‘All I Hear’ is available everywhere now including Spotify & Apple Music.

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Mixing & Mastering by Alex Mader
Video by Bottleneck Studios


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