warner case – ‘comoverto…’

New York City artist warner case has a brand new single to share with us called ‘comoverto…’, which is sure to loosen up any sexual inhibitions as we lose ourselves in its sensual electro-dance sounds and captivating Losmose directed visuals.

“comoverto…” is about dropping sexual inhibition… drawing the blinds, dimming the lights, and letting out your innermost desires without any fear of judgement.” – warner case

Now that we’ve got your attention…

The song started to come together on a dreary winter’s day from inside case’s New York City apartment. He’d created most of the instrumental a little while earlier, and already had a sense of how the lyrics were going to flow, and with a little help from his good friend Sam R, they began to flesh out the idea, using the song’s mysterious sexual presence as the main driver.

“It originally felt like a straightforward dance-floor track, but slowly we felt like it needed more of a lyrical melody and storyline, as if something was missing. The groove was just so sexual, yet mysterious and powerful. So we followed the vibe of the instrumental, and came up with a story that felt perfect – a couple rekindling their shared passion through the spontaneity of the unknown.” – warner case

They then recorded all of the vocals from inside the apartment closet, using throw pillows and piles of clothing for sound damping. Case then gave the track a little extra production and mixing work, and after he reached a sense of satisfaction with the recording, he decided to take it a step further by giving the track a little stylish visual treatment.

“The video is a symbolic reference to adding another partner into a sexual relationship and the complications that arise, emotionally and physically. It’s exciting yet frightening.  Animalistic, yet delicate. Sexual & emotional. We wanted the Alfa Romeo SZ to represent the additional person, but wanted to focus on the experience of the couple that circle it — they’ve been in love for a while, what will this new partner change? Will it help or hurt the relationship?” – warner case

“The idea was to create a visual world and narrative full of intrigue, mysteries and sexual tension, inspired by American film noir such as Robert Aldrich’s “Kiss me Deadly”. It is an underworld of darkness and fantasy that the character played by warner case enters and seems to be transformed by the end of the video.” – Losmose (video director)

‘comoverto…’ is available everywhere now via AWAL distribution.

Artist Connect:

https://soundcloud.com/warnercase | https://www.facebook.com/warnerxcase
https://twitter.com/warnerxcase | https://www.instagram.com/warner.case

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