MORILLA – ‘Love Me’

Australian artist MORILLA is off to a ripper start in 2018 with a track that is well on trend with RnB-trap-electronica.

‘Love Me’ channels those intricate beat stylings of Flume, and the smooth vocal switches of The Weeknd, giving those late-night trap vibes a workout.

Enlisting the producing prowess of Aussie producer cln ensured the intensity of the demo reflected exactly what MORILLA was envisioning.

Even with the first demo he sent me he nailed it, and it got better and better after each time he worked on it,” MORILLA said.

The song may sound like a bit of a dis track but in fact, it isn’t. Written during a time when MORILLA was evaluating his relationships and friendships, it ended up being a time of evaluating his own self-worth.

“The intention of this song was for me to sing about my experience, and to hopefully empower people the way I felt empowered when I was writing it,” MORILLA said.

‘Love Me’ is an absolute banger and will inject that fire you need for a cracking new year.

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‘Love Me’ is available everywhere now including Spotify & Apple Music. | |

MORILLA – ‘Impossible’

Midnight Pool Party singer and songwriter Darren Morilla has branched out on his own to create a solo project, MORILLA.

His debut single ‘Impossible’ is a tasty treat of sensual R&B electronica with the tensions of love and sexuality coming to the forefront.

The track is a very personal insight into the early stages of falling for a man, and given MORILLA’s openness about being a gay man, it comes at a time where music can heal.

“‘Impossible’ is (broadly) about putting your all into a relationship, but not knowing how the other person feels or knows what they want. As a gay man, I think one of the most important things for the ‘equality’ movement is visibility. The experiences and emotions I was experiencing were real when I was writing this song. I wanted people to know that I wrote this song when I was falling in love with another man, and show that what I experience as a gay man is no different to any other relationship. I wanted to stay true to myself and write about my experiences,” he said.

This new solo venture has been a long time coming for MORILLA. While he doesn’t necessarily think he is creating anything different, it’s his contribution to the genre that is most important, and being able to associate himself with likeminded artists.

“Other than Frank Ocean, Troye Sivan, and Sam Smith, there weren’t many other artists, especially R&B or hip-hop ones, who were writing music that I could specifically relate to as a gay man. I want to be part of the movement and to help others through my music,” he said.

MORILLA teamed up with one of his Mammal Sounds management buddies cln for his help to produce & mix this release, which end up being quite a natural and obvious choice as the two artists easily connected on the same musical wavelength. Together they understood just what the song needed to help bring this project to life.

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This is an absolute must press play when trying to seduce that special someone. It will give you all of the feels, and it is available everywhere now including Spotify & iTunes. | |

Jordan F – Set Me Free (ft. MORILLA)

Jordan F - Set Me Free

While in the midst of releasing his sophomore album Timelines, Australian producer Jordan F is sharing another one of its singles, titled ‘Set Me Free’ it features the voice of MORILLA from Sydney’s Midnight Pool Party.

‘Set Me Free’ is sure to brighten any mood with its infectious meandering groove, showers of echoing synth, throbbing 80’s bass-line and MORILLA’s sultry divo-inspired voice. Let it set you free as it caries you away in a nu-retro haze of dancefloor euphoria.

“The track is a fun and cheeky slice of upbeat synth funk that will make you feel like you’re with Leisure Suite Larry on his journeys through cosmopolitan hotels, ships, beaches, resorts, and casinos. The album as a whole follows the uplifting and laid-back, hazy-nostalgic path that was pioneered by the likes of Electric Youth and College, and marks a new chapter in my retro-synth journey” – Jordan F

Jordan F’s new album Timelines also features guest vocalists Dana Jean Phoenix, Quails and Le Cassette, and it is available now from iTunes, Bandcamp and on Spotify, with thanks to NYC label NewRetroWave Records.


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