Benji Lewis – ‘Us Again’

2018 has already been a year to remember for Benji Lewis with his debut appearance at SXSW in Austin, relocating to Los Angeles, and the impending release of his third ep, ‘Together Apart’.

Before his recent relocation to LA, Benji Lewis started writing a song for his friend to potentially feature on, but with both of their schedules too hectic to permit them joining forces, it sat benched for a little while.

Today, ‘Us Again’ has become a reality after working with long-time friend and producer Golden Vessel.

“I had already sent him some vocal ideas, and he was super keen on working with this one; freshening it up and finishing it. By the end, we changed up the chorus and I wrote the final outro verse in Brisbane,” Lewis said.

The track itself is laden with those sentiments of reuniting with that special someone, and thinking about them every day.

“The song is about wanting to be in the same space as the other person, breathing in the same air, being able to look into their eyes, and have them look at you in the same way. It’s about wanting to have that again, and feel all of things that come just from being around them.” he said.

These feelings are expressed in a light and warm way through airy productions and emotive storytelling. Funnily enough though, when Lewis finished writing this song, he wasn’t in the same place emotionally as he was at the start.

“It wasn’t the easiest thing to go back to how happy and in love I was, and how I could not wait to reunite with this person. But I did, and I wrote that final verse & outro from that headspace. I just connected with what my heart wanted and was feeling when recording the vocals because I believe in that powerful and strong love. I couldn’t leave it behind, it deserved to be finished and released,” he said.

What Lewis wants listeners to take away from this love song is, “that two people can make it work no matter the distance or anything else. You need to hope and wish for better endings and circumstances in general when it comes to two people who have connected in a special way, and feel very strongly for one another. Even though the two may have to be apart, one way or another, they will come back to each other,” he said.

‘Us Again’ is available everywhere now via AWAL distribution, and stay tuned for the release of ‘Together Apart’ later on in 2018.

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