Litche – ‘Litche EP’

Over the last few months we’ve been treated to two very amazing singles (‘Voyage’ feat. Woodes & ‘Winter’ feat. Nrthn) from an Australian producer who goes by the name Litche, which also came with news of his impending debut self-titled ep.

That ep is being released this week with its lead-singles in-tow, plus two previously unheard tunes – the beautifully delicate sounds of its opener ‘Anti Social’ & the dreamy angelic sounds of the ep’s next single ‘Leave’ – and mark my word we are all in for quite a treat.

“Making this ep was both a solitary and collaborative experience. I’m really drawn to both aspects of the creative process. All of theses songs were inspired by either a texture, or a field recording. I really like to use samples with imperfection because they add a human and tangible element to a song. It helps me to connect to an idea as it starts to form because I feel I can connect with something that feels real and relatable.” – Litche

While Litche enjoys working alone in his own creative space, he also thrives on collaborating with other talented artists, as he continues to explore and evolve his own sound & style with each & every experience.“Working with Woodes and Nrthn was really inspiring, and I feel like it really pushed me as an artist. They are incredibly talented artists and it was really cool to be able to let our creative energies collide.” – Litche

The ep’s closing track ‘Leave’ is the next single accompanying this release, and Litche has given us some insight into that gorgeous slice of moody electronica, as he makes his very own vocal debut;

“I wrote Leave at the same time as some good friends were leaving town indefinitely. The whole song is based around feelings you get when people close to you move away, and you don’t know when you’re going to see them again.

Making Leave was also the first time I’ve used my voice on a song. I don’t refer to myself as a singer but I’m always inspired to try and make atmospheres and textures out of vocals using different effects and thought it would be fun to have a go using my own voice on this track.”- Litche

Litche’s debut ep is available everywhere now via La Belle Musique.

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